♥AndreA♥ (sexymami696) wrote,

ugh life...

JP kinda gave me the push to update this damn thing... i have alot of shit going on right now...


well hes my love... i do love him with all my heart and soul but man we have been fighting like crazy.. and its over stupid stuff like him thinkin im cheating on him... with who... everyone and anyone like his brother his best friends ect... but hello i dont even fuckin talk to any of them without him there, so like there is no reason for him to even think that stupid shit and i tell him that all the time hell then say sorry but the next day its the same thing over and i hate it i love him but i dont no how much more of this i can deal with i dont wanna lose him but i hate bein told i do shit when i dont! but what hurts the most is i love him and he cant see how much i honestly pray all the time that shit will get better and everything will work it self out smooth again and i do help i push when i think we need a push i hold on when he just wants to give up... well today i had to ask if he was gonna call when he was done with work so i hope were not in one of our lets ignore andrea and make her sit and wait and be an asshole...i just hope we can get throught this rough patch in r realtionship if not im movin!!!


work sucks... im lookin for a new job... i hate my job bc they only give me weekends... and that would be fine but man thats only 12 hours a week! assholes

my family

my family hates me... other than my mom but shes 30 mins away and i never get to see her shes so busy with work...so how i feel is the only person i have to turn to is james and i have to put up with his shit before we can even talk about whats bothering me in my family... so yeah im kinda stressed out...

i gotta go do some stuff like clean my room and shower... ill update again some day lol

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but in other news.... its good to see u online again.

i like your updates with all the crazy sex pictures. its good times.

haha later